It's time to face the brutal truth...

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You are shitty at online dating!

Does this mean you undesirable? Absolutely not! It means you picked some bad pictures, your profile is boring, and your conversation starters aren't interesting enough for women to reply. All of which are totally fixable!

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Listen to these guys:

"Please meet Katie, the magician who 8x’d my bumble responses and may have single handedly made Denver a viable city for me to stick around in.” — Rob, Denver, CO

"Katie's the queen of app dating. With her helping me choose what to present to women and progressing conversation toward meeting up, I was more confident than ever. I went on more dates - and more second and third dates - in a few months than in the entire year before that!” — Will, Boulder, CO

“She’s like Will Smith in Hitch… except instead of the Fresh Prince you get a hot blonde telling you how to pick up ladies.” — B.J., Venice, CA



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